Welcome to The Brewery

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The Brewery is a bar, brewery, deli-cafe and wood fired pizza restaurant. Open from 7am until late (8am weekends) hosting live music most nights. Please come and enjoy our hospitality. The gallery captures a slice of the The Brewery in action. Find out more about our food, beer and wine menus.

Zeffer – Slack Ma Girdle

zeffer slack ma girdleThis premium cider is made from a combination of over 50 different cider apple varieties, sourced from small independent growers who are as passionate about their apples as we are about cider. A full bodied flavour with good length and balance. Released annually with a limited supply – it’s worth the wait.

Looks: Deep golden.

Smells: Ripe apple and tropical fruit.

Tastes: Tropical fruits, nutty, spice, full bodied, balanced.

ABV: 6.6%

Zeffer – Fragrant Pear Cider

zeffer fragrant pear ciderThis cider has a delicious juicy flavour, and low acidity gives it a soft, textural mouth-feel. Unfermentable sugars in the pear juice give a hint of natural sweetness while still having Zeffer’s trademark dry finish. It’s unfiltered with a natural haze, no added sugar, artificial colourings or sweeteners.

Looks: Clear with a light peach colour.

Smells: Stonefruit aromas, apricot, nectarine.

Tastes: Juicy pear and nectarine, balanced dry flavours.

ABV: 5.0%

Brew Moon – Luna Wit

Luna-Wit Wheat Beer inspired by Belgian Wit or cloudy wheat beer this beer contains a large proportion of wheat malt spiced up with coriander, orange peel and a mystery spice. Warning: May improve your humour and wit!

ABV: 5.0%